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Fear the ones that are closest to us, for demons wear familiar faces. inspired by x

British Soap Awards 2013: Best On-screen Partnership Winners » Kieron Richardson (Ste Hay) & Emmett Scanlan (Brendan Brady)

we get our happy ever after


#BrendansLastDance | 40 second longer version

(thanks to @IAreSam)

Ste and Brendan - 27 September 2010

Why do I want, and somehow find fitting for such a tragic character, for Brendan to die when Emmett leaves the show. Maybe because I know he can’t leave happily. Maybe because it feels less depressing than the idea of him and Ste both living on without each other. Maybe because with some kind of warped romanticism, akin to the ‘live fast die young’ ideology, it ties up his story with an epic and heroic finale that is truly final. Maybe because I don’t want him to feel anymore pain. Maybe.