Bluebirds fly ...

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"You will always be young, and you will always be beautiful. You’re Brian Kinney for fuck’s sake!

The act of forehead touching is a symbol of a strong romantic bond.

I was a coward. I should’ve done something and I didn’t.

Sorrow found me when I was young…

"To take a hold of another’s hand is to break from living individually. It is to link yourself to another being, to momentarily entwine your life with another’s, to promise, for a moment, that you need not face the world alone."

Clinging to me, like a last breath you would breathe…

brian/justin locations » liberty avenue


can’t even take each other’s shirts off without dissolving into fits of giggles u 2 r the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever seen




I give up

Justin Taylor + feeding Brian

You keep ending up in my shaking hands

Brian/Justin & Season 4 - "I just want you to know that I love you. And I’ll be here when you get back."