Bluebirds fly ...

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Flawless babies (✿◠‿◠)

"You were right. The reason I took you in was because you took a bat to the head. But it’s not the reason I want you to stay. But… Don’t get the idea that we’re some married couple, because we’re not. We’re not like fucking straight people. We’re not like your parents, and we’re not a pair of dykes marching down the aisle in matching Vera Wangs. We’re queers. And if we’re together it’s because we want to be, not because there’s locks on our doors. So, if I’m out late, just assume I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing: I’m fucking. And when I come home, I’ll also be doing… Exactly what I want to do: Coming home to you.

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Brian&Justin + hugs from behind

brian/justin + i don’t mind lyrics
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Queer as Folk Larry King interview - The Best Bits (part 3 of 3)


Queer as Folk Larry King interview - The Best Bits (part 2 of 3)


Queer as Folk Larry King interview - The Best Bits (part 1 of 3)

*whispers i love you

S1 Brian Kinney: Role Model for Children Everywhere

"I just saw the face of God a sad little puppy. His name is Brian Kinney.”

"You will always be young, and you will always be beautiful. You’re Brian Kinney for fuck’s sake!